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Florida Evictions  &
 Unlawful Detainers - Flat Fees

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How Much Is A Florida Eviction?

Florida is all about the warm weather, hot sun, and enjoyment of our beautiful sandy beaches. Don't let your unruly non-paying Tenant or Unauthorized Occupant put a damper on you or your Florida Property.  

Principal Attorney Ryan S. Shipp and his team of experienced, educated, and dedicated eviction lawyers and support staff help Landlords, Owners, Property Managers, Banks, and Investors, QUICKLY REMOVE Tenants and Unauthorized Occupants in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida from your Property the legal way.

Our eviction law office knows and appreciates that time is money. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the highest quality legal work, quickest possible turnaround times, with the lowest possible fees and costs.

 $2,000.00 Flat Fee (includes attorneys fees and court costs, Unlawful Detainers, are an additional $200.00)

What's Included?

  • Initial Consultation with Eviction Lawyer;
  • Review, Draft, and Serve Notice (if necessary);
  • Draft/File Complaint with Court;
  • Service of Procees of Complaint;
  • Certificate of Mailings with the Clerk of Court;
  • Draft/File Motion and Proposed Order for Clerk's Default;
  • Draft/File Non-Military Service Affidavit;
  • Draft/File Motion and Proposed Order for Final Judgment
  • Attendance for up to two (2) Court Hearings if Necessary; and
  • Draft/File Writ of Possession for Lockout and Sheriff Communications.

Eviction Lawyers West Palm Beach

Differences Between Unlawful Detainers, Evictions, And Ejectments In Florida

In sum, there are three (3) noteable differences between an Unlawful Detainer, an Eviction and an Ejectment in Florida.

Florida Unlawful Detainers- These actions are governed under Chapter 82 of the Florida Statutes and arise when a Property Owner is trying to remove an unauthorized occupant from their Property.  In these types of actions, there is NO landlord-tenant relationship between the parties, there is no exchange of rent for the unauthorized occupant to reside at the Property, and the Property Owner has not provided any writings to the occupant giving the the occupant a certain time period to stay at the Property. These actions are filed in the county court in the county where the Property is located. In a Florida Unlawful Detainer action, the Property Owner is entitled to an expedited and speedy court process called Summary Procedure

Florida Evictions- These actions are governed under Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes and arise when a landlord-tenant relationship is established between the parties. Here, there is an exchange of Rent between the landlord and the tenant. “Rent” means the periodic payments due the landlord from the tenant for occupancy under a rental agreement and any other payments due the landlord from the tenant as may be designated as rent in a written rental agreement. Eviction actions typically are also filed in the county court in the county where the Property is located.  In Florida, Landlords and Property Managers are entitled to have the expedited and speedy court process called Summary Procedure

Florida Ejectments- These action are governed under Chapter 66 of the Florida Statutes. Ejectment proceedings take place in a Florida Circuit Court in the county of where the real property that is the subject of the dispute is located.  Typically, the Plaintiff sues the Defendant to get back full possession of their real property. What makes a matter an Ejectment is when the Defendant claims or may claim an ownership interest in the property. A typical Ejectment situation would be if the Defendant is claiming ownership by virtue of making all mortgages payments, paying taxes, paying bills, etc.

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What Are The Standard Court Costs For Filing An Eviction In Florida?

How Many Evictions Are Filed In Florida Per Year?

Per the Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator, Palm Beach County had 6,879 Eviction filings for the FY 2021-2022 compared to Broward County which had 13,089 Eviction filings for the same time frame.

Our $2,000.00 Flat Fee applies to ALL Florida residential evictions for possession for non-payment of rent and termination of tenancy or Florida unlawful detainer actions for removal AND up to two (2) court related appearances if necessary. *** NO HIDDEN FEES OR COSTS.*** If the Tenant(s) or Unauthorized Occupant(s) tender payment or keys during the notice period, as a courtesy, the firm will return all fees and costs to client less $750.00 for processing your file. Additional fees and costs may apply for contested matters, multiple court appearances, and defending potential counterclaims. See our fee schedule for Commercial Eviction Pricing and contact our office for pricing regarding Florida Mobile Home Park Evictions.


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