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Florida Ejectment Lawyers

Florida Ejectment Lawyers

The Florida Ejectment Process 

Ejectment is a legal process used in Florida to remove a person(s) from real property they are unlawfully occupying.  Ejectment actions are governed by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and Chapter 66, of the Florida Statutes.  The circuit court has jurisdiction over ejectments, which is different from evictions and unlawful detainer actions, wherein those proceedings take place in county court.

Step 1. Determine If The Occupant Is A Tenant Or Trespasser/ Unauthorized Occupant

  • A tenant is a person who has a legal right to occupy the property, usually through a verbal or written agreement, and a landlord/tenant relationship is established between the parties. In these scenarios, in order to regain possession, the landlord or owner can file an eviction under Chapter 83, of the Florida Statutes.  If properly plead, the landlord or owner can have this case expedited through the court system through a process called summary procedure, which is governed under §51.011, Florida Statutes.

  • Trespassers or unathorized occupants that do not have a legal right to occupy the property and are unlawfully occupying it.  In an effort to save time and money, if it can be reasonably determined that the occupant does not claim an ownership interest in the property, in order to gain possession of the property, we recommend filing an unlawful detainer action under Chapter 82, of the Florida Statutes, which also allows for the expedited court process of summary procedure under §51.011, Florida Statutes.    
  • If the tenant, trespasser, or unauthorized claims an ownership interest during the eviction or unlawful detainer proceeding in county court, the action may need to be transferred to circuit court in order to proceed with an ejectment action so the owner can regain possession of their property. Additionally, if it can be determined before suit is filed that the tenant, trespasser, or unauthorized occupant claims an ownership interest in the property, it may be best to file an ejectment from the onset.

   Step 2. Determine If Notice Is Required

  • If the occupant is a tenant, before filing a suit for possession, a landlord must serve proper notice upon the tenant. Typical notices are for non-payment, non-monetary violations, and notices terminating the tenancy. Not filing a proper notice can cause unnecessary delay.

  • If the occupant is a trespasser or unauthorized occupant, although formal notice is not required before initiating an unlawful detainer action or an ejectment, we strongly encourage sending a pre-suit notice as it demonstrates to the court that the property owner has done all they can to remove the trespasser or unauthorized occupant before a lawsuit has been initiated.

   Step 3. File Suit

  •  File suit in the appropriate court and county depending on what theory applies to your situation and where the properly is located.

    • County Court- Evictions and unlawful detainer actions
    • Circuit Court- Ejectments.

A Florida Real Estate Lawyer Can Facilitate The Ejectment Process

  • A Florida real estate lawyer can assist property owners in navigating the ejectment process and ensure that all necessary steps are taken in accordance with Chapter 66, of the Florida Statutes.

  • A lawyer can also help owners prepare lawsuits and handle any disputes that may arise during the ejectment process.

  • A lawyer can also negotiate with the property owner or landlord on your behalf to try to reach a resolution without the need for an ejectment action.

The Florida ejectment process is governed by Chapter 66 of the Florida Statutes and is used to remove an unlawful occupant from a property. Florida real estate lawyers, such as Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC, can assist property owners in navigating the process and with representation in court. The type of occupancy, the reason for the ejectment, and the length of occupancy are all factors that can affect the ejectment process and should be considered during the proceedings.

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