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Is your Florida HOA or COA not enforcing rules, selectively enforcing rules or holding “illegal” Board Meetings?  Most Unit Owners and Homeowners are not usually aware these types of practices go on within their Florida Associations. In Florida, discussing Association matters among a group of Board Members could be in violation of Florida Statutes if a majority (or quorum) of Board Members are not present. As Unit Owners and Homeowners are required to follow Rules in the community, Board Members must adhere to Florida law, as well as their Association’s Bylaws and Rules and Regulations when it comes to holding meetings, making decisions, and approving purchases in the community. 

Business to be discussed at board meetings cannot be discussed privately by Board Members, if there are enough members present to create a quorum of the Board.  All such business must be covered at a properly noticed public meeting of the Board of Directors that is open to all owners. Our experienced and knowledgeable Boynton Beach Homeowners Attorneys aggressively represent Unit Owners and Homeowners fight back against the Association.

The Boynton Beach Homeowners Attorneys at The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC are well versed with Florida Chapter 718 F.S., which governs Condominiums, Florida Chapter 719 F.S., which governs Cooperatives, and Florida Chapter 720 F.S., which governs Homeowners Associations.

  • Is your Florida COA or HOA or Cooperative acting illegally, unethically, or inappropriately?
  • Is your Board of Directors holding illegal Board Meetings?
  • Is your Board of Directors or Management Company violating Florida State and Federal Laws, harassing you, breaching a fiduciary duty or selectively enforcing your Association's documents and Rules and Regulations?
  • Are you a Homeowner that needs assistance with an Information Request or Official Records Review to see if you have a viable cause of action against your Association?

As a Florida Unit Owner or Homeowner you have rights and you may not be equipped to fight a legal battle against a COA or an HOA alone. Call us today @ (561) 699-0399 and see how our Boynton Beach Homeowners Attorneys can assist with your Florida Community Association disputes. We serve Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. Call the Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC today at (561) 699-0399 to set-up your in-office consultation.

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