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Lake Worth Beach For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Attorneys

What Is FSBO?

A For Sale By Owner or “FSBO” is exactly what you think it means. It is the sale of the real property by the Owner.  With a FSBO, the Seller there are no broker transactions fees paid to your realtor because those parties are not involved. One of the biggest reasons that Sellers choose to use this route is that once it is all said and done, there is more money in their pocket.

Why Would I Choose To Do A FSBO?

1. You already have a Buyer so you don't want to list your home;
2. Family-to-Family Sales;
3. You are the  Landlord/ Seller and you want to sell to your Tenant as the Buyer;
4. Complete control over the Sale of your home; and
5. You can devote all of your time and attention to the sale.

Do I Need Lake Worth Beach FSBO Attorneys?

Unless you have a friend who is a real estate agent or know a title company, you're probably gong to need a Purchase and Sale Contract drafted, someone to hold the Earnest Money Deposit, and close the transaction.  The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC recommends that you always hire competent and experienced legal counsel to make sure terms are properly negotiated, and once the Seller and Buyer are under contract, the transaction is done correctly, goes smoothly, and that your interests and rights are protected throughout the entire process and after your transaction closes.

The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC, and its team of Lake Worth Beach Real Estate Lawyers and support staff are here  provide Seller’s with cost-effective legal solutions throughout the entire FSBO process. Additionally, our in-house, attorney owned title company, Clear2Close Title & Escrow, LLC, will close your transaction which keeps the entire process under one roof.


Our attorney's fees for negotiations and contract preparation in the FSBO process is a flat fee of $695.00 plus closing costs. No hidden fees!

What Is The Process?

Our FSBO Process (Residential)

  1. Seller finds a prospective Buyer to purchase their real property;
  2. Our office assists with negotiations between the Seller and Buyer, and when the terms are agreed upon by the parties, our office drafts the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contract (“Contract”) on the Seller's behalf to present to the Buyer (the initial offer);
  3. Once the Contract is fully signed and initialed by both parties, our in-house, attorney owned title company, Clear2Close Title and Escrow, accepts the Buyer’s initial escrow deposit and begins to process the transaction by conducting a title and lien search on the real property along with contacting any Associations or Lenders involved; and
  4. Upon title being cleared, the closing will occur wherein title is transferred between the Seller and the Buyer, funds earned on the sale are disbursed to the Seller, and the Title Insurance Policy is issued to the Buyer.

As selling a home in Lake Worth Beach can be one of the biggest financial decisions a person makes in their life, it is always recommended that when doing a FSBO, you are armed with experienced and trusted Lake Worth Beach For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Attorneys that protect your interests and place you in the best possible position to earn the most amount of money on your sale. Our office is located in Lantana, Florida. We serve Lake Worth Beach and the entire State of Florida.  To learn more about our services, call us today @ 561.699.0399. 

***And if you're selling a home, chances are you're buying a home too! Don't forget to ask about our Home Buyer Representation services. Our Lake Worth Beach Real Estate Lawyers have you covered every step of the way.

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